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Lesson Standards


Reliability: we teach seminary-grade ideas that are carefully checked for Biblical accuracy

Depth: lessons contain biblical teaching that is deep enough to teach a teacher

Simplicity: each lesson has a single focus that is reinforced throughout the lesson

Conciseness: teaching segments are short in order to account for short attentions spans

Fun: engaging activities improve a child's ability to pay attention.  We teach many biblical concepts through games and activities. 

Inclusiveness: lessons are understandable to 5-year-olds, but also relevant to mature children. The wide age range helps children of varying ages to learn healthy interactions between age groups, with older children helping younger children. A wide age range also allows each teacher to help more children with the same effort.

Teacher development: lesson plans contain study notes that teach the Bible lesson at a more advanced level, so that teachers can learn with the students. Volunteers with no previous experience can easily join as helpers, and they can learn to teach after several lessons.

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