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Statement of faith

The Kids' Club Curriculum adheres to the statement of faith of the Canadian National Baptist Convention (CNBC), which is the Canadian counterpart to the Southern Baptist Convention. You can see the  full CNBC statement of faith here.

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Theological emphases:

The gospel: we teach that a person is saved and has eternal life when they trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We teach that this good news is meant to be shared (Acts 16:31).

Eternity: we teach that a person should store up treasures in heaven and not on earth, just as Jesus taught (Matthew 6:19-21).

The pursuit of joy: we teach that the greatest thing a person could do for themselves is to obey God completely, and that such a lifestyle will lead to the greatest personal happiness in the long run--though sometimes a person is only rewarded in eternity. (Mark 10:29-30; Psalm 19:9-11; Matthew 7:24; James 1:25; Matthew 10:42)

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