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What makes Purple Curriculum so special?

1. Purple has extraordinary Biblical depth. The scholarship is seminary-grade and peer-reviewed. It is deep enough to teach an adult, but it is presented simply enough to teach a five-year old. This means the volunteers and the kids can learn at the same time! Lessons can even be used as devotional material for adults and families.

2. Purple is super fun. Every lesson is fast-paced and interactive. We play lots of games and make lots of crafts, and we have opportunities to talk and make friends. The games and crafts are not just fun, but they tie into the lessons to make the Bible teaching memorable.

3. Purple is easy to use. Each lesson is highly organized, which makes it easy to follow and modify as needed. Even inexperienced teachers can use the curriculum effectively. Our pilot program is run by volunteers with an average age of 17, and the ministry is thriving!

4. Purple supports a very wide age range from 5 to 12. For small churches, the wide age range allows one teacher to help more kids. Multiple teachers and assistants can share a room and grow together. As your ministry grows, the wide age range helps you to split your group more easily.

5. Purple is completely free. We believe this curriculum is so good that we cannot keep it to ourselves or hide it behind a paywall. But, don’t take our word for it – access the curriculum to see it for yourself!


Pastors and elders who are careful or cautious about the Bible teaching that takes place in their church can be confident this new curriculum shares their passion for biblical and theological integrity. Every lesson is packed with interactive material to make learning fun. For church planters and small church pastors Purple is a big win, and it's absolutely free!

Dr. Garth Leno, Canadian National Baptist Convention Team Leader for Pastoral Care


Purple Curriculum covers a wide range of topics and dives into Scripture not typically used in children’s curriculums. It doesn't shy away from difficult concepts, but explains them effectively and reinforces the concepts with reviews, games, and crafts. It is flexible and easy to modify depending on class size and activity preference. Truly worth considering for your next curriculum!

-- Susan Pompu, B.A. Strategic Ministries (Millar College of the Bible), M.C.S. (Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary)

“Creativity and theological depth don’t often go together in children’s curriculum. Some are incredibly creative with little substance. Others have depth but lack imagination. Purple is an outlier. Creativity abounds throughout, but not at the expense of truth. Deep truths are presented in a manner that is accessible and engaging to young minds and hearts. What a winning combination!

-- Dr. Gordon Grieve, Former Regional Ministry Leader, CNBC

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